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I saw a great photo contest this morning over at www.rocktheshot.com.


The contest is “Friendship” and there are some great prizes involved.  I thought, with the weather being brutal, it’d be a nice opportunity to pan back to the summer time, when there wasn’t six feet of snow on the ground.


We had my daughter’s friends over last June after school had ended.  These girls have known each other since they were four or five, and the bond is strong.

“Paige, before your friend’s leave, let’s get a picture of you guys together!”

I gathered the girls by the side of the house, and just as I got everyone looking at the camera, someone said, “Uh, did someone just fart?”  The girls dissolved into a fit of hysterical laughter just as I snapped my picture.  It was my favorite capture of the summer.  I can’t look at it and not hear their giggles.

It gives me hope this long winter will melt away to an eventual summer again.

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