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We’re coming up on Paige’s First Communion.  It’s one of many events that are being thrown at us in a very short time span, including three dance competitions, a guitar recital, a dance recital and a Disney trip.  When I say life is crazy, I kid you not.

I had myself a small breakdown a few weeks ago realizing that my calendar was booking fast for April, I had a Disney trip in April, and I had to have her Communion pictures done before we left town April 13 in order to have them ready in time.  But I still didn’t have a dress for her.

If it’s First Communion time for your family as well, or if you have one in the near future, I have to recommend going to Burlington Coat Factory.  They had beautiful, amazing dresses for $30-$40!

I fell in love with one by American Princess.  There was only one left in stock, and by remarkable miracle, it was in her size.

The dress has made it’s way up the east coast through deep freezes and snow storms.

I checked my shipping information yesterday to see, “Package is out for delivery.”

“Paige, have I even shown you your First Communion dress yet?” I asked.

“No.”  So, I pulled it up for her.  “Oh my God, it’s GORGEOUS!”

A few hours later, the door bell rang.  Paige comes hurtling down the stairs screaming, ‘OH MY GOD, MY CORONATION DRESS IS HERE!”

I didn’t even correct her.  “Let’s try it on.”  I pull it out of the box and she’s squealing like a Belieber at a VIP concert experience.  She makes a grab for it, but her mouth is ringed with blue marker, and her last known snack was Cheez Curls.  “DON’T touch the white dress with your filthy mitts!”

“I’ll go wash my hands!”

We go in the bathroom together, and after her hands are washed, and her sweats are stripped off, I gently lower the dress over her.  She can’t stop looking at herself in the mirror.  She’s enchanted.  “Oh my goodness, I need to go upstairs and get a FULL view of the dress in the full length mirror.  Not just the top!”

She scampers up the stairs while her sister sucks in her breath in awe of the vision in white that just came out of the bathroom.

“Let me take a quick picture to show the ladies at dance,” I tell her.  She dutifully poses.


“Now, let me get this off before I ruin it,” she states.  “Annnd, YOU better keep this in YOUR room.  I can’t be trusted.”  At least she knows she’s a slob.  “Do you think I could wear this to my birthday?”

“I think it’s a little fancy for a birthday.”

I’m sure she will not be satisfied with wearing this once and letting it hang in the closet…