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Getting Allie to bed these days is a test of patience.  And it usually requires you putting her in bed, or telling her to go to bed no less than four times an evening.  She sneaks into the back room, where the girls play and watch TV, hides behind the couch, and sees how long she can go before Paige rats her out.  The novelty of staying up as late as her big sister is too big a lure to pass up.

So when I heard Paige talking in the bathroom one evening, I assumed Allie had snuck out of her room again.  I snuck over to the bathroom, convinced I could catch Allie in the act.

It’s only Paige in there, and she’s just taken a big swig of mouthwash.  “Who in God’s name are you talking to?”  This was not quiet mumbling.  This was loud and almost argumentative.

She holds up a finger while she swishes around her mouthwash.  She spits, wipes her mouth clean with a sleeve and says, “Well, it’s true!  Zero percent of people never grow up, and two percent of people never clean up their act!  So if Allie doesn’t clean up her act…well, she’s going to be in a pickle.”

What did I ask?