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School is in full swing.  Mornings are chaos trying to get two kids out of the house simultaneously.  Especially since the girls are already at that age where they race each other to the bathroom, slam and lock the door, and then take all blessed morning in there, just to annoy the other one.

The joys of sisters.

This morning, I have a photo shoot, which means I am also trying to vie for the bathroom.  You would think because I’m bigger, older and Mom that I would have the advantage.  Clearly, you’d be wrong.

I am the last one in, and trying to think of how likely electrocution is, as I plug my hair straightener in and lay it down on top of a soaked counter surface.

“I am so SICK of everything in this bathroom being soaking WET!” I scream, to no one in particular.  No one’s listening anyway, Mom’s, right?

I come out of the bathroom while my appliance is heating, and scream at the first kid I see, which happens to be Paige, “ARE YOU CLEANING MY BATHROOMS TODAY?!”

“You crazy?  I have to go to school.”


“A-men,” I hear Allie say next to me.

‘Scuse me? Anything to throw her sister under a bus.

If we’re getting right down to it, she’s probably the one that soaked the counter to begin with.  I have never seen a kid more fascinated with running water.

And then, there was two kid free hours for me to finish up my packing for my photo shoot and get out the door.  In relative peace.  And my hair looks fabulous.  And I didn’t even get electrocuted!