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“Mommy, I have a project due!” Allie says one afternoon after kindergarten.

What I’m thinking is, Project due week three of kindergarten?  Give me a break. What I say is, “Oh fun!  What do we got?!”

Turns out it’s a “science” project.  They are learning about how things grow and change and they want to demonstrate that through now and then photos.  “Please send in a picture of your child when they were born, and then a recent picture.”

“I have just the picture!” I shout.  I am a photographer, so a lot of my children’s life has been spent in front of a camera lens.  Though I actually got my first DSLR camera just before Allie’s first birthday.

“Really?”  Allie in intrigued.  “Let me see?”

I pull up one of my favorite pictures of her.  It was taken on St. Patty’s Day 2010, which was her due date.  Thankfully for me, my OB was on vacation that week, so we scheduled the C-section for the previous week.


“This one!” I yell.

Allie takes one look at the picture and laughs and laughs and laughs.  She is so hysterical from laughter, in fact, that she can hardly speak, and she’s no longer sitting upright. “Oh my God, I’m so funny!” she squeaks out.

I am just about to hit the print button when the laughter suddenly halts and she says, “…But no.  Good God you can’t send that in.”

“Really?!  But I love it!”

So we start scrolling through more pictures from the past.  She finally settles on this one:


Also cute, but not as fabulous as my choice, clearly.

“Alright, now for the recent picture.  Which one have I taken of you recently that you want to send in?”

“The one from the other night.  At the fair!”

IMG_7574 copy

She certainly doesn’t look like the raven haired chunky monkey that came out of me five years ago.  She’s a slimmed down, blond haired, blue eyed beauty.

My how you’ve grown, my love.