My Photography

I love capturing the world around me.  Have you ever stopped to look at how detailed that flower is?  How vibrant the sunset can be?  The way your child’s eye color can pick up the sunshine near the windows?  Time goes so fast and I want to capture them exactly as they are.  Every piece of them, from the strand of hair that refuses to stay straight to the smattering of freckles that spreads across her face.

If you’re in the southeastern MA area and would like me to capture all your favorite things, send me an email at  Or check out my website to see more of my work.  You can see even more on my facebook page (which can be found on the side bar of my blog) or follow my photography blog:

If you’re not in the southeast MA area, but still would like to work with me, I may be convinced to go to other parts of New England for gas money included.  I may be plied to go to other parts of the country for plane fare included!






IMG_0106 copy_edited-1

IMG_5820 copy

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