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Daddy came home and set about trying to rake the millions of leaves that have accumulated on the front lawn, now that the cold weather seems to have settled over us.

My frayed nerves must have been evident as he walked in the door, because he suited up Paige and took her with him. Allie was still resting.

Or at least, I thought she was still resting. Once Daddy’s voice was loud enough to resonate through the walls, into her room, she made herself known.

I got her up and told her to get her shoes and socks and jacket and hat on and join the fun. Of course, we had to discuss this at length first. And then had to talk about each step as we went along.  Until I finally yell, “YOUR SISTER’S HAVING ALL THE FUN WHILE YOU SIT INSIDE AND DISCUSS SHOES!  JUST PUT ‘EM ON AND STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY!”

Once they were all outside, I couldn’t help but throw on a pair of shoes myself and grab my camera.

IMG_3772 copy

I love that she acts like she’s actually going to be able to maneuver that rake that’s twice her size.  Look at the confidence radiating from her face.

IMG_3793 copy

Nothing better than getting into those leaf piles that you so painstakingly raked, only to kick them back all over the lawn.

IMG_3797 copy

Finally, Allie made her way to a leaf pile.  Of course, if you make this picture bigger, you can see the tears in her eyes.  There was no rake for her, and so, we weep.

IMG_3813 copy

At some point, the girls talk each other into switching hats.  Each believing that they have gotten the better deal.

IMG_3841 copy

The leaves were piled up, and then toted across the street to be dumped into the woods.  Soon, they’ll all be gone, and the cold days of winter will settle upon us. For now, we will enjoy the leaves.